We provide technical consultation and training seminars to start-ups and companies looking to improve development efficiency and to automate development build & deploy process.


Development Process

Automate local development process by building and testing directly on local dev machine using isolated sandboxes.

Continuous Build Integration

Automatically build and test lastest code from central souce code repository.

Development, Staging, and Production Deployment

Automate provisioning build's artifacts to various live environments.

Our Expertise

Source Control

Best practices for managing Development, Staging, and Production versions for Web and Mobile projects.

Build Automation

Automate continuous Tests, Builds, and Deployments (Hudson, Jenkins, Rundeck).

OTA Deployment

Mobile app OTA Deployment for Development and Staging (HockeyApp, self-hosted).

Configuration Management

Infrastructure as code. Deploy, configure, and manage infrastructures and services (Ansible, Salt/stack).

Reproducible Environments

Reusable and portable configuration for building and managing Development Sandboxes (Vagrant, VirtualBox).

Application Containers

Create, deploy, and run applications in portable and isolated containments (Docker, Portainer, Rancher).

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